Alternative Finance Forum 2021

The financial services and social capital industry are transforming rapidly. FinTech startups and blockchain technology challenge the traditional financial services providers and social finance players by creating powerful new user-centric products and offering new channels of service delivery.

At the 2021 Alternative Finance Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece, we will be meeting with financial innovators and social entrepreneurs, exploring how they are utilizing new technology and design principles to transform access to finance and bring financial services to all consumers. We’ll be speaking with a carefully selected innovators and practitioners of the leading social finance FinTech companies, both in Europe and globally exploring how financial products and services are reimagined and redesigned through experience-based design and innovative business models.

The Alternative Finance Forum is a two-track event (Financial Innovation and Social Capital), with ten speakers in each track and two large-group panel discussions in the main space.

The purpose of the Forum is to discuss:

– Financial Technology Innovations – Blended Finance
– Social Finance Alternatives – Social bonds
– Online Business Lenders – P2P Lending Platforms
– Blockchain – Community Money
– Data – Social Banks
– Digital Identity – Gender Finance
– Equity-based Crowdfunding – Government Supported Platforms

The AFF2021 is targeted at professionals in the social and alternative finance space, as well as business and fintech leaders interested in developing solutions for the unbanked globally. There will be many opportunities to network with your peers and learn from the best in the sector.

The Forum is organized by the Business & Cultural Development Centre (KEPA) with the support of the European Investment Bank Institute in partnership with the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

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