The issue of payments and transactions was the focus of the third discussion panel, chaired by Mr. Dimitris Litsikakis, CEO of deVere E-Money, with Mr. James Camilleri, co-founder and CEO of Fyorin, as the first speaker who answered the question “How can financial institutions compete with fintech companies?” presenting the technological solution his company has developed by creating a Business Banking Networking Scheme.

Mr. Thomas Papapolyzos, founder and CEO of a-quant, focused on the issue of trading presenting an innovative mobile app that provides buy/sell signals on a range of financial products such as the foreign exchange market (Forex), money transfer from one country to another, Indices, Commodities, US stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). The a-quant solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods and algorithms, and despite its technological complexity, its use is simple for the interested party/trader.

The transition of the PaySpot payment institution from the traditional face-to-face payment method to the digital one of online transactions was presented by the last speaker, Ms. Aleksandra Šćepanović, Head of Business Development of PaySpot.

Payments and Transactions Session (video)



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