The second thematic session “Social Capital” was opened by the participants of the discussion panel “Impact Investing”, chaired by Mr. Cyril Gouiffes, Head of Social Impact Investments at the European Investment Fund – EIF.

Her vision for a fairer society was shared with the audience Ms. Astrid Fockens, Partner of Impact Partners, the first platform in Europe created to bring positive social impact through its investments. Mr. Elemer Eszter, Founder of Impact Ventures Lt. then pointed out that their primary goal is to invest only in companies that themselves record the level of social impact resulting from their business activities, while providing all these companies with guidance and training on the use of methods and tools to measure the social impact generated.

Finally, Mr. Jose Moncada, founder and CEO of La Bolsa Social, presented the collaborative financing platform created to support partnerships that promote economic growth, the creation of positive social impact such as, among others, improving living conditions for the elderly through new technologies, while giving priority to investments that ensure the creation of an environmental footprint.

Impact Investing Session (video)



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