Concluding the Social Capital session, the last panel discussion “Collaborative Finance” chaired by Mr. Oliver Gajda, Executive Director of the European Crowdfunding Network, introduced the concept of collaborative finance, an alternative form of financing that started to take place directly between individuals without the intermediation of a traditional financial institution.

Discussion was opened by Ms. Chiara Rutolo, Project Manager of Goteo, a crowdfunding platform based in Spain, which aims to finance initiatives and projects (social, cultural, technological and educational) for the benefit of the State. In the framework of their cross-border cooperation, Goteo and the Region of Central Macedonia, implement the project “Blue Crowdfunding”, which was presented by Mr. Vassilis Tsanidis, Senior Policy Officer from the Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Region of Central Macedonia, supporting participatory financing actions in the field of blue economy and specifically, actions of the entities “Echedoros Physis” and “Action for Wildlife”.

Last but not least, Ms. Christin Friedrich, co-founder and CEO of Innovestment, one of the first crowdfunding platforms in Germany, pointed out that they have come a long way towards achieving their goal, which was none other than to motivate other people to use their money, not only in the form of consumption, but also through targeted investments to build and sustain a functioning real economy.

Collaborative Finance Session (video)



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