Summarizing the two sections “Financial Innovations” and “Social Capital”, Mr. Christos Kotsakas, Senior Editor of and Dr. Barbara Scheck, Managing Director of the European Center for Social Finance, respectively, highlighted the key emerging issues and innovative ideas presented at this conference, while Ms. Sophia Karadima, Senior Editor of Investment Monitor captured thoughts and impressions from the diversity of alternative financial solutions that go beyond the traditional banking and finance sector, raising concerns for the next day.

The Alternative Finance Forum was concluded with two presentations highlighting recent developments in alternative finance on national and European level. Mr. Alexandros Kaliontzoglou from the Bank of Greece presented the Regulatory Sandbox Project which offers regulated financial institutions the opportunity to test and “pilot” new technological innovations in the context of a controlled regulatory environment. European initiatives related to alternative financing tools were discussed by Ms. Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament, who focused on the potential of blockchain technology and the prospects of collaborative finance.

The proceedings of the Alternative Finance Forum were closed by the Dean of the EIB Institute, Mr Francisco de Paula Coelho, who stressed the importance of the existence and dissemination of such initiatives, which aim to exchange ideas and experiences, disseminate specialised technological knowledge through concrete examples and networking.

Closing Remarks (video)



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