In the second discussion panel, chaired by Ms. Olena Gryniuk, CEE Regional Manager of SME Banking Club, among others, in the context of a discussion on the possibility of providing capital to small businesses, innovative technological solutions were presented by Mr. Mattia Ozzello, Product Manager at SIA S.p.A, such as SIAChain, which is a centralized orchestrated business network allowing insurance companies, banking and non-banking institutions, as well as public administration bodies to digitally manage the lifecycle of digital guarantees, reducing fraud thanks to the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), ensuring transparency, confidentiality, resilience and security in any transaction. This, of course, requires the participation and cooperation of several parties worldwide, such as banks, microcredit institutions, suppliers, buyers and regulators.

Also, Mr. Christian Ruehmer, co-founder and CEO of Q-Lana Inc. focused on the “human face” of digital lending, as the assessment platform developed by his company is based on the combination of technology and human factor, through an extensive assessment of the transactions of individual and corporate clients, based on qualitative and quantitative criteria. It was noted that the implementation of a fully digital lending process is currently feasible for financial institutions, replacing traditional employee-led assessment processes, including a customer’s handwritten application to disbursement, and the loan monitoring and management process.

Capital for Small Business Session (video)



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